Pro Kabaddi

Overview of the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League

Pro Kabaddi fantasy league

Do you like to watch kabaddi? If your answer is yes, the spectators can be excited to hear the name of the Pro kabaddi fantasy league and sports. If you want to enjoy this league, just download the app which is amazingly created for the pro kabaddi fantasy league. The spectators do not face any kind of trouble while downloading this app. As it is very simple to download from the android phone. 

What is the Pro kabaddi fantasy league referred to

This league is broadcast on a television channel. But if you somehow miss the chance to watch television, no need to worry. You can enjoy this league just by downloading the app. The pro kabaddi fantasy league has the same rule as the actual kabaddi league.

The time of commencement of Pro kabaddi fantasy league

At first, this league started its operation in the year of 2014. There are various teams over India that took part in this league. Most of the time, Patna pirates became the winner of this league. The last match was organized in the year 2019. Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, this pro kabaddi league was not held in 2020. Bengal warriors became the champion of the 2019 Pro kabaddi fantasy league. 

Is it safe and secure to play in the Pro kabaddi fantasy league?

Many players are afraid of investing cash in this fantasy league from the app for security concerns. They are concerned about whether this legal is legal or not. But there is no reason to be afraid. Because the khelchamps is a legal app. One can enjoy this fantasy league as this Khelchamp is designed following all of the government terms and conditions. Before joining this app, the players need to face verification. Only after that, they are permitted to enjoy the fantasy game.

The process of withdrawal and deposit is done quickly from this site. The players can withdraw their earning amount after reaching the minimum level. TDS is deducted from the player’s earnings. The Khelchamp app ensures the privacy of the players as there is no chance to transfer personal information to a third party. All of the cash transaction is done through bank and e-wallets which are safe and secure. The site verifies the age eligibility of the player before id creation. 

The rule and awards of the Pro kabaddi fantasy league

The same rule is followed as the actual Pro Kabaddi league does. The players invest cash in their lovable fantasy players and become a winner after selecting the best score on the members of the PKL team. The players can select multiple teams. It can be a maximum of 6. The players can select their team until the fantasy league starts.

The point distribution system of pro kabaddi fantasy league

Each player is allocated 100 credit points. The players can use this for choosing their favourite team. The players need to choose 7 players for a team and each of the players carries 4 points. Each of the substitute players carries 2 points.

If all of the team players are pushed out by the opponent team, the player will lose 2 points. The player will lose each point for every failed raid.

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