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Schedule of PKL in India

Schedule of PKL

In 2021, many leagues and tournaments of sports will be held. If we talk about the kabaddi tournament then the pro kabaddi league will also happen this year and this league is known as PKL and it is very popular in India. 

This league will bring many spectators and you can watch them at home and these teams will complete many ultimate prizes. These sports were played in India’s rural area and also in the south Asian region but the PKL is the mainstream. 

What is a kabaddi match?

Kabbadi is mainly a contact sport and it is played by a team in which one team member known as a raider enters in the opposing team side, he has to tag many members from the seven and after that, he has to go back in her team. 

During the game or raid, the defender has an opportunity to take the raider on their side of the court, if he does then he will earn points by tagging the opponent’s team. If you tagged them then you have to leave the court as soon as possible so you can bring that point which you earned. 

Schedule of Pro kabaddi League  in India 

This is the largest game ( PKL)  in India which came into existence in 2014. In 2021 it will start from the 20th of July on Friday. Last year this match didn’t happen due to corona. 

In the PKL 130 matches will be done with the 12 teams, you can watch them on star sports at 7:30 PM.

The popularity of this game in India 

It is not clear when this sport was first organized but this was mainly popular in rural areas and it is also an old game in India. It is also popular in Bangladesh and the pro kabaddi league is now a popular sports event. This year it will also take place in India and the schedule of this game was passed by the kabaddi organization. 

Kabaddi Fantasy 

The kabbadi fantasy is players were assembled as a team virtually by using the proxies like the real-world sportsmen. This is often played on the internet by using notes and lists and it can be played with friends and family. 

PKL of 2021 is the most popular event in India and also the most-watched game after cricket. In the fantasy kabaddi, they work like online players so they can select online players from their pro team members which are based on the choices and also on the basis of team members. Points will be also calculated according to the performance of the team and also the players through the kabaddi schedule. 

Play Kabaddi on Paytm 

On Paytm or PFG, you can easily log in to the fantasy section and then you can select as many real-world games as you want. In it, you can also play multiple games with the Paytm option. 

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