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Top 10 Kabaddi Players

Top 10 Kabaddi Players

India got a reason to be proud for originating the kabaddi games. It is believed that the kabaddi game was mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. Around 4000 years ago kabaddi originated from Tamilnadu. It is a game where two teams participate and each team has seven players there to play the game. India won three times in the kabaddi world cup. India again won the gold medal in the South Asian Games and Asian games consistently. It can be said that the Indian kabaddi team is quite competent in their field. In the year of 1938, kabaddi first took part in the Olympics. Not only men but also the kabaddi women’s team became the winner in the Kabaddi world cup. It is said that Janardhan Singh Gehlot and the queen of kabaddi is Mamtha Poojari. So we need to briefly know about men and women’s kabaddi players.

Kabaddi is a game that originated in India and requires skill as well as the power to play the game. It is known by various names all over India and is a simple game that doesn’t require any costly playing ground or materials to play.

Like all sports, Kabaddi too has its bunch of the best players worldwide, who are just too advanced as pro players. They are: 

  1. Rahul Chaudhary: Rahul is a skillful player who was born in Jalalpur Choiya Village of Uttar Pradesh. He made his debut as a defender but gradually became a raider. He was also a part of the National Kabaddi Team in the South Asian Games in 2016, where the team won a gold medal and he won the title of the “world’s best kabaddi player”. He presently plays from the team of Tamil Thalaivas. He was the former captain of the Telegu Titans and was the perfect raider of season 4 of the Pro Kabaddi League.
  2. Pardeep Narwal: Pardeep Narwal, born in Rindhana Village of Haryana is considered the world’s best Kabaddi Player, 2021. He has scored the most raid points which makes him an excellent player. In the Pro Kabaddi League, Pardeep plays in the team of Patna Pirates where he scored the highest points of 900 in the history of the league. He also received the award for the best raider consecutively for the years 2017 and 2018.
  3. Deepak Niwas Hooda: He is a well-known kabaddi player born in Chameria village of Rohtak district. He too was a part of the National Team in the South Asian games of 2016. He is a skilled player who won gold in several matches held worldwide. And he is presently the captain of the Indian Kabaddi Team.
  4. Ajay Thakur: He is the former captain of the Indian Kabaddi Team. He was born in Himachal Pradesh and is ranked among the best Kabaddi players. He too was a part of the team during the South Asian Games in 2016. In 2019, he was honored with the Padma Shri and Arjuna Award.
  5. Maninder Singh: He is the captain and the best raider of the Bengal Warriors Team in the Pro Kabaddi League. He also plays for the Indian Kabaddi Team. He currently is the fastest raider of the team and scored the highest of 500 points.
  6. Pawan Kumar Sherawat: He is a proficient player who was born in New Delhi and is presently a player of the Pro Kabaddi League.  He has achieved over 500 points till now.
  7. Rohit Kumar: He was born in Haryana and started his career as a Kabaddi player from season 3 of the Pro Kabaddi League from Patna Pirates. He was also awarded as the most valuable player in the same year. He now plays from the team if Bengaluru Bulls and was also a part of South Asian games where he won gold medals.
  8. Kashiling Adake: He was born in Maharashtra and due to family problems took to farming. But later got selected into the team of Dabang Delhi and became the top scorer.
  9. Anup Kumar: Anup had been part of the Indian Kabaddi Team who has presently taken retirement. And he is the only Indian player who led the U Mumba for 5 consequent seasons.
  10. Manjeet Chillar: Manjeet is a skillful player born in Delhi, who was a wrestler earlier but the latest came to the field of Kabaddi. He is a part of the Indian Kabaddi Team and also bagged gold in the South Asian Games in 2014.

It is the only Indian game that has gained vast popularity around the globe recently.

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