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How to place bets in kabaddi

Do you know, you can even bet on Kabaddi matches now? With the growing popularity in Asia, Kabaddi has finally entered into the betting world. If you are from India, you might know what kabaddi is. It is one of the most popular and traditional sports in India. In this post, we will discuss about online kabaddi betting.

What is Kabaddi Betting?

It is a very well-known sport in India. There are two teams. Each team have seven players. You have to go to the other team’s court and tag them. You need to tag as many members as you can. After tagging them, you need to cross the centre line and reach your court. The team with maximum points wins the match. With this interesting format, pro kabaddi betting has become very famous. You can simply check the odds and bet on your favourite team.

Online Pro Kabaddi Betting:

Online Pro Kabaddi Betting

There are two major kabaddi leagues i.e.

  • Global Kabaddi League (GKL)
  • Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

In GKL teams from Pakistan and Bangladesh also participate for the world cup. People mostly focus on the Pro Kabaddi League. It was started in 2014. There are 12 teams in PKL. In 2019, there were 12 PKL teams

There are 22 matches for you to bet on. Now you can even bet online. There are many websites where you can bet on Kabaddi. You can even bet through mobile apps. You just have to follow few simple steps to start betting.

  • Select an online betting site or app.
  • Sign up
  • Select a deposit option
  • Deposit funds
  • Learn about odds
  • Place your bet
  • Enjoy

Pro Kabaddi Betting Odds:

Odds basically means betting rates. These rates are displayed on betting websites. The entire betting system depends upon odds. You need to analyze and then place bets properly. Odds are of three types, Decimal, Fractional and American odds. In a betting game odd determine two things,

  • Your chances of winning
  • The amount of money you will win

When the odds are higher, you have less chance of winning. But if you easily win a huge amount of money.

When the odds are low, you have a high chance of winning. But if you win, your profit will be less.

It is like a game of dice. It determines your probability of winning and losing.

  • Example:
  • Patna Pirates vs U Mumba Pro Kabaddi match 
  • Patna Pirates = 4.30, U Mumba = 1.63, Draw = 5.25
  • Wager amount X odds = Payouts
  • So if you bet with $1000 on Patna Pirates to win, it will be $1000 X 1.63 = $1630
  • You will get $1630 as per the current rate.

Pro Kabaddi Betting Apps:

Pro Kabaddi Betting Apps

These are five best Pro Kabaddi Betting Apps. You can download mobile apps for kabaddi betting tips, free predictions and live scores.

10CRIC: You will get ₹20,000 welcome bonus.

  • 1xBet: You will get ₹7,500 welcome bonus.
  • Betway: You will get ₹8,000 welcome bonus.
  • Bet365: It is very trustworthy.
  • LeoVegas: You will get ₹10,000 profit boost.

Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips:

Tips are bet suggestions and predictions by experts. Before placing your bet, you need to check the betting tips. You can find these tips on the website or your mobile apps. You can get tips for all the upcoming matches as well. So if you want to know kabaddi betting predictions, don’t forget to check the tips for upcoming matches.


This is how you can start betting on Pro Kabaddi matches. There are many websites where you can register and place your bets. Make sure you choose a trusted and genuine website with better odds.

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