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What is the ultimate goal of Kiren Rijiju about Kabaddi

Kiren Rijiju

Do you people know who Kiren Rijiju is? And what is the link between him and Kabbadi, why should he say about his goal on the specific game? The answer is very simple; Kiren Rijiju is the Union Sports minister of India and also the member of Lok Sabha. In New Delhi he said that, the game Kabbadi is not the game of potential in Asia and India, but also all over the world. The ultimate and uttermost aim of Kiren is to have Kabbadi included in the greatest Olympic Games. The game was already included in the Asian Games. But now he wants to include the Kabbadi to the Olympics by not only the help of India but also all over the Asian countries should come together and make it possible. 

Path to the dream:

It is easy to dream but very tough to make it real. But Kiren has started to make it. He has given the idea and path for such a dream of Kabbadi that is they should improve the quality and standard of the game in India first. Even in India, there are so many locations that are on the list to propagate and ensure the game. The next step of such a process is to promote it to the rest of the world. And Kiren has shown the record of 700 Kabbadi coaches of regular and online coaching who were organized by SAI which stands for Sports Authority of India, they all from India, Malaysia, and Korea. 

Here, one more question will rise by people, that is how to make it real at present because we have COVID-19 know? For this question to Kiren has an answer. He said that surely we people will win over this epidemic because Indian people have such endurance too. So people could not procrastinate for the practice of oral and practical knowledge about Kabbadi. Here is one advantage of technology that is organizing the online workshops for the players. It is actually to make the players to be updated players about the rules of sport from national to global level. 

The most important reason for the above step is to acknowledge the rules and regulations which keep changing one. Though people are well-stout and stronger, they will be left behind due to the lack of rules and regulations knowledge. That is why they have been choosing the players from the western side of the world because they are well-known about those rules. By making the online workshops, players may get some knowledge about the game and will not stand behind. You may think is this will work surely? 

But Kiren has the record for such question too. Nearly 8000 coaches from all the sports have been doing this and players also upgrading them and doing the self-practice for a game. According to him, this is the best choice of training for all the players at home and he believes that surely it will be achieved one day and he is waiting such a wonderful day in the future. The stakeholders are the great sources of these workshops who were making this much reach to the players of all over the world.

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