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Which team have won the title of 2019 PKL

The Pro Kabaddi League

PKL means the Pro Kabbadi League which has been conducting in India yearly. It is a professional-level game of Kabbadi League broadcasts on the great Star Sports by the sponsorship of Vivo, so that it is called as ‘Vivo Pro Kabbadi League’. It was actually founded in 2014 and the format of the league is playoffs and also the double round to robin league. In this PKL the most successful team which hit many titles was Patna Pirates have gotten three titles until 2019. But the last year 2019, the final was held between the Bengal Warriors and Dabang Delhi at EKA Arena in Ahmadabad. That was a crucial final in the history of PKL. Yes, because the game was changed due to the uncharacteristic moves and errors of Dabang Delhi. That was the seventh season of the Pro Kabbadi League.

The final match and interesting twists

The PKL games started with the usual final games method. But slowly the game turned into nail-biting tensed one. After the raid of Meraj Sheykh from the Bengal team who put a powerful raid by his rapid & smart movement to affix the point from the Delhi team. But the point was again come back by the spinning kick off the left corner defender Anil Kumar from Delhi team. The first half was completed with a great hit of Bengal team player Mohammad Nabibakhsh. He has taken out the great player Ravinder Pahal and Anil Kumar to mete out. And so within 5 minutes before the first half of the match-all are out in Delhi team. And at the half-time, the game was tied due to the 17-17 points both of Bengal and Delhi. 

Meraj Sheykh

Next the second half was started with a successful tackle by Maninder of Bengal Warriors. Follows him, Mohammad Nabibakhsh kept the game in a fine form by stood up while required the most in time. After that, the brilliant tackle was by Naveen Kumar from the Bengal team and hit a bonus for his team. At the end of the second half, the whole team of Delhi was completely off which means all out. So the super 10 off was tackled well by Naveen Kumar and he hit the bonus. By the end of the super 10 Mohammad Nabibakhsh led the match to the score of 30-24. He has taken out Anil Kumar again by the victorious raid and so the Super 10 was over. The next twist was the Green card which was gotten by both Rinku Narwal and Naveen Kumar. 

At the remaining time of six minutes was completely consolidated as 34-26 points. After the empty raid by Naveen Kumar, Hedge has taken over the game with a brilliant base by taken out Ravinder from the Delhi team. And so, the Bengal got even more steadiness towards the winning moments. Even though the Delhi got some continuous points by the single raid and Baldev Singh got the green card. Another bonus point was taken by Naveen, and that was the moment led to the Bengal Warriors towards success. But after the first eight minutes of the game, the Delhi team came back to the field and given the hit as much as they can and the score was 39-34. 

And the final moment of 2019 Vivo Pro Kabbadi League title was hit by the Bengal Warriors!

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