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Why the World Federation of Kabbadi unaccepted the Indian team meeting in Pakistan

Indian Olympic Association

Do you know why the kabbadi world federation said, that was an unauthorized event in Pakistan? It was due to the controversial command of federation towards Pakistan. Pakistan is an unauthorized one and has no official institution to recognize any certificates it was said by the world championship federation of kabbadi.

The reason behind all this controversy was the Indian team went to Pakistan for an event called ‘Kabbadi World Championship’. That too, they haven’t got any consent or legal permission from the Indian Olympic Association.

Do you know why it is considered wrong? Because, basically if one country wants to organize the official event or meet, the then concerned government of a country should verity and grants them to do. Moreover, the other participants from countries must get permission genuinely from the national federations and the international federation beneath the Olympic Association. But the point is the event was forcedly organized by the unauthorized federation of Pakistan and their political influence.

In front of press-meet:

Dorji Lama who is the World Kabbadi Federation’s CEO and also the President worried about Indo-Asian News Service. That was nothing but there are so many governments haven’t been controlling the unauthorized play-offs held in many countries. Likewise, one more event has happened in Pakistan. Moreover, the World Championship in the city of Lahore was not much authorized at all to recognize the players of the championship. So, Lama again told strictly that if it is happening in the future, then the concerned government should take severe actions on them for sure.

The chief of the Indian Olympic Association is Narinder Batra, he told Indo-Asian New Service that the team who have reached Lahore as an Indian team but didn’t get any permission from the Amateur Kabbadi Federation of India. So they cannot use or not authorized to use the name ‘India’ at all. 

And he added fuel on the fire by saying that they do not know or recognize the team who said them as an Indian team to the event in Pakistan. He showed off that, there is no other legal approval or letter by Indian Olympic Association for such a team that forgot to get the proper authorization. And he told me that he has no idea about whether a total of 100 or 60 have gone to Pakistan for an event. He legally illustrated to IOA that they (kabbadi federation) are one of the members of the Indian Olympic Association and he hasn’t sent anyone for the event. But why they have gone to Pakistan, that was the huge question have raised in the associations’ brain. So Batra said that, the team was not and nothing to do with the Indian sports at all. The team was hosted for the first time in the country Pakistan. 

From the side of Pakistan, they said that the teams of the event were nearly from the ten nations. The countries are Azerbaijan, the US, India, England, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, Iran, Sierra Leone, and Kenya. The first winner amount was 10 million rupees and the runner will get 7.5 million rupees.

These are the main reasons to consider the event as an unauthorized event by the Kabbadi World Federation.

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